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In this Alt Ctrl Game you incarnate Poseidon and have to help a hero's boat to cross the seas. Use your super powers and translate every move you make with real water to in game water movement. Avoid the enemies and the obstacles and reach the longuest distance you can!

How can you play this game ?

Right now, this game is not available online.

We are still working super hard on it to bring more content and better gameplay and safer installation.

We already had the luck to bring Poseidon to Random Bazar and Indiecade Europe last year. We are still looking on other opportunities to bring this game to players, and we will update about this matter on our twitter : https://twitter.com/HandswetGames

We are also very open to any opportunity or idea, so feel free to get in touch using the twitter link above.


You have to use one or two glasses or your hands to transfer water from and in the bowl and control the water level both in the container and in game : this will allow you to move your boat up and down and avoid the enemies. An arduino board will measure the water level and translate every water moves (even ripples !) on screen.

There are no classical controller (xbox like), mouse or keyboard inputs : get your hands wet !

This game was initiated during the Alt Ctrl Game Jam Paris 2016, and you can see the result of this early work here :


Graphisms : Hell

Programming : Llucile

Sound design : Gabriel ( https://soundcloud.com/gabrieldalmasso )

GameJam and playtest hosting : Random Bazar (http://random-bazar.com) and Le Jardin d'Alice (http://www.lejardindalice.org)

Last update : 09/02/2017

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Published 1 year ago
StatusIn development
Tagsaltctrl, arduino, boat, Controller, poseidon, water, wet